Your children must be experiencing great environment and healthy education at school, but there is nothing much to do during vacations. Some parents plan trips for their kids to enhance their knowledge about world by exploring natural sites and latest infrastructure while many just spend watching television. If you feel that your kids lack in worldly information, you should subscribe to the products offered by Little Passport.

It is an online store that motivates young learners to gain extra knowledge other than their subjects. There are various subscription programs that parents can subscribe for their children according to their age and interest. With the subscription, store offers some cool stuff as well to make it a learning and fun moment for your kids. Below are the subscription packages with details that every parent must subscribe to boost IQ of their children.

Early Explorers Subscriptions

This particular subscription is for kids aged 3 to 5 and can also be called the starter package as you can introduce preschoolers to the world with the explorer package. It is an amazing and affordable subscription package for both parents and kids. There are multiple options available for you to select the suitable subscription plan and no matter whatever plan you select, Little Passport always provides the best from their reach.

Once subscribe, the store sends a cool travelers kit, which is very attractive and includes stuff like an orange suitcase, wall sized world map, luggage tag, stickers, photos and activity booklet plus a letter from the new pen pals Max, Mia and Toby. This is what your children will receive in their first month’s subscription and with time passing, they keep on adding cool and fun stuff like toys and cards.

World Edition Subscription

World edition subscription is to be subscribed by parents who have children aged 6 to 10.with the world edition subscription, you can teach your kids about other countries in an interesting way. There are many subscribing options available for this package, you can select that best suits with your expenses. The world edition subscription consists of details about countries and each month, a new country’s details will be shared with your kids.

In the first month you will get explorers kit that includes blue suitcase, a personalized passport with a wall sized world map, an exclusive collectible country coin and coin board, stickers, photos, activity sheets and many more. Everything will be related to a particular country and every month your kids will get to know about various destinations. Similarly, Little Passport will add cool and fun stuff as the subscription commences.  

USA Edition Subscription

If your kids are aged 7 to 12, they are just at the right age to learn about their country. The USA edition help your kids discover the states of America every month with fun activities, games and many more stuff. After subscribing to the USA edition, the store will provide your child with stuff related to two states each month.

In the subscribing month, your kid will get a USA field guide, USA scratch book, wall sized USA map, photo scavenger hunt and etc. and with passing month, new stuff will be added to keep the enthusiasm of learning about the country keeps going. Most grownups don’t know about the country, but by subscribing to the USA edition, your kids will have most information regarding every state of America which will help them in future.

Science Expeditions Subscription

 The Science Expeditions Subscription is for the kids aged above 9 and has a lot of fun and amazing scientific mysteries and activities for kids. The science expedition introductory kid will be provided on the subscribing month that includes Science expedition tote bag, science lab notebook, forensic science experiment kit, finger print analysis card and ink pad and a booklet with fun games and activities.

Each passing month, the stuff provided will be updated with more mysteries and access to online videos and science content. Subscribe to the edition according to your suitable plan and let your kids explore the world with Little Passport.

These are the products offered by Little Passport. The above mentioned subscription editions will help your child with school education and maybe even when they grow up. Do avail the products to boost your kid’s knowledge.