Not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally well nourished, long and strong hair, but it does not mean that you could make yourself lucky. Thanks to modern development, today we have formulas available that can fulfill your dream effortlessly. If you are one of the unlucky ones, here are some hair care products by one and only Nume that you should treat your hair with to make them strong, long and nourished without any hassle. Hair care products provided by Nume are composed of natural products that have no side effects to your scalp or skin.

Dry Shampoo Powder-Clean N’ Mean

All those people who have a habit of daily shampooing or using heat styling frequently might be suffering through hair dryness. The dryness can be very irritating for you as your hair don’t hold very long to the style you have molded them into. To prevent such circumstances, the Clean N’ Mean- Dry Shampoo Powder by Nume is what you need.

 It is produced with natural ingredients including rice starch, corn starch and kaolin that help nourish and refresh your hair. The incredible formula takes the battle to unwanted oils on your scalp and also adds volume to your hair. If you are ingredient conscious or worry about the hair type, relieve yourself as the product is cruelty free, eco friendly and safe to use for all hair types.

Gloss Boss Serum

The gloss boss serum is the best cure against frizzy and dull hair. It is formulated with great quality active ingredients like Macadamia and Sunflower Seed Oil that help your hair breath while ditching the dullness and taming frizz. The serum is a must have for people who face such issues. It is effective enough to give you soft and shiny hair every day.

Thanks to the high content of natural ingredients in the formula, you can have the leisure to use the serum on daily basis and style your hair the way you want without a hassle. The product is worth getting your hands on.

White Truffle Shampoo

With white truffle shampoo by your side, you don’t have to worry about any hair problem. This is an insanely amazing shampoo that is formulated with top quality ingredients such as white truffle, orchid, jasmine and evening primrose that help nourishing and hydrating your hair and keeping frizz at the bay.

It is a cruelty free and eco friendly product and does not contain paraffin and parabens, which makes it safe to use no matter what your hair type. White truffle has amazing quality of transforming dry, brittle hair to strong and soft instantly and is the reason why this product is worth a catch.

Mane Goals Deep Repair Mask

You must have tried various hair care products to nourish your distressed hair, but would have been disappointed by them as many products offer a lot while deliver nothing. That is not the case with products provided by Nume. Mane Goals Deep Repair Mask helps nourish your distressed hair.

The protein mask formulated with top quality ingredients including sunflower seed oil, argan oil and shea butter fights against every odd and restores and invigorates hair strands while moisturizing and locking the essential nutrients needed by hair to promote good health. Don’t be disappointed when you can’t style your hair, just get your hands on the Mane Goals Deep Repair Mask and have healthy, resilient and ready for styling hair.

Thermal Heat Protectant- Watch Me Werk

 Heat styling is one of the reasons why people face hair issues. The temperature is kept high so that hair can be styled properly. All those people who do heat styling frequently are actually damaging their hair because heat styling de nourishes, loses the strands and rips off the natural shine. If you can avoid heat styling, use thermal heat protectant to protect your hair from the damages caused by it.

The watch me werk-thermal heat protect by Nume is an amazing choice to protect your hair from thermal heat. The product is made of natural ingredients including Sunflower seed oil and panthenol that protect your hair from heat styling and helps with nourishing and glow. It is a must have product if you want to keep your hair safe. Nume is a well known brand that has a lot of things to offer and the hair care collection by the brand is worth a catch