Summer and winters are two major seasons experienced all over the globe. With the changes in weather, we adapt changes in our life style. Every year we get to see trending apparel and accessories making their way in the market and a few days later the whole social feeds are filled with the hyped products. If you are one of the trend followers, at this time you must be waiting for summer collection to hit the stores? To catch up with trending stuff you don’t have to wait for summer as we have a list of fashion trends of spring that every trend follower must have before it’s too late.  

The Micro Bags

Micro bags are the latest addition to the fashion industry. This particular product started trending the very next day of introduction. The hype for this miniature bag was at the top on social platforms and most people were willing to have it as it was so trending. The spring introduced is what you should be having in your possession now if you are a fashion forward or a trend follower. The product is easily available yet it can be expensive depending on the brand and quality. However, it is not difficult to grab discounts on such products when you are desperate to have it. Go through online stores to grab one with discounts. It is the tiniest accessory you can ever get plus has the tendency to boost your style statement.

The Mini Handle Bag

The next product in line is the mini handle bag. This amazing piece is affordable and will enhance your outfit and can boast any silhouette. It costs around $39 and is easily available at various online stores. To make your spring appearance fantabulous and starting your own league of trends, you must have this mini handle bag in your closet.

New Hair Accessories

We often get to see any hair accessory in the trending list, but these new statement hair accessories are what you should have with you this spring. The accessories came into light after the fashion week and have been hyped since then.  Style your hair with barrettes (oversized), bows, bobby pins and velvet headbands. Some of these items will take you back to your childhood because they are vintage products used by people in early 90s. Grab them through online store at a surprisingly amazing price.

Velvet Headband by Lele Sadoughi

The velvet headband is not what you might be thinking. It’s not the typical prep school headband, has a thicker base which makes it look different from the vintage edition. This small and not so expensive product is trending nowadays and every trend follower should possess one. The velvet headband is available in various shades and is perfect for old school vibes. You can wear it at work or keep it on the whole day while pairing with any staple; it will work in every condition. Grab one through online store and avail discounts.

Animal Print Silhouettes

Animal print has been in trend since decades. They have a separate fan base, which makes it a on the go dress. Animal print is back in trend as many fashion experts have showcased animal print dresses at various fashion weeks, be it Milan Fashion Week or New York Fashion Week, animal prints could be seen walking the ramp. Cheetah print and zebra print are most common animal prints to be seen around. This spring grab an animal printed silhouette and continue living a trending life.

Midi Skirt by Zara

The midi skirt by Zara is the next thing in our list of fashion trends for spring. It’s a plaid detail dress and costs around $40. It’s a more than the average midi skirt and the off center button detailing raises its par. If you are fond of wearing midi skirts, this particular skirt is a must have for boosting your spring fashion trend.

Double Breasted Blazer

Double breasted blazer has the tendency to pair up with all sorts of dresses. You can wear it over a maxi or a top; it will enhance your looks every time. The product is easily available and costs around 100 bucks, but it’s worth having as it is trending in spring fashion trends.